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Engage your parishioners like never before. 

A mailing program from Catholic Envelope Service is more than just envelopes: it's a complete communication solution. Through a mailing service your members receive correspondence multiple times a year. These mailings contain a members weekly offering envelopes, but they can also include special messages from your church, contribution statements, and special collection envelopes. As a whole, a mailing program is the best way to keep your members both engaged and informed, while both improving your weekly collection AND reducing your administrative tasks. Simply put, a mailing program from Catholic Envelope Service will change the way you look at envelopes!

Product Highlights

  • Direct communication with your parishioners.

  • Contribution statements for improved reporting

  • Custom messages available at any time.

  • Reduced workload for your staff.

  • Improved giving efficiency.

  • Holy Day and special collection envelopes available for insert.

For a complete list of Holy Day and special collection envelopes, click here.

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