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Offering solutions for every occasion. 

Looking for a simple offertory solution? Bulk envelopes from Catholic Envelope Service are great when in a pinch with a number of preprinted designs for weekly mass and Holy Days.


Typically placed in pews, bulk envelopes are also the perfect way to round out your offering program. Their presence serves as a way for visitors and infrequent members to participate in the weekly collection, and as a solution for member who forgot their weekly envelope. Plus, as a constant reminder of the importance of contributing, churches who offer bulk envelopes typically see an increase in spontaneous donations. 

Product Highlights​:

  • Preprinted bulk is perfect for when you need envelopes in a pinch.

  • Gives visitors and infrequent members the ability to participate in the weekly offering. 

  • A number of Holy Day and special collection options available.

  • Customization options including:

    • Single or double sided printing.​

    • Choose your envelope and ink colors

    • Single or multi-colored ink

    • Full customization featuring your own logo, message or scripture passage.

For a full list of our Holy Day and special collection options, click here

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